“Learning that your child has cancer is one of the worst experiences that you can imagine.  The more that you learn, you find solace in the fact that childhood Leukemia has a good prognosis and that your child has a good chance for survival.  However, you also quickly realize that the three year battle that your child is about to endure is going to take everything that you have; physically, emotionally and financially. Most likely, either you or your spouse is going to have to take off work for an extended period of time and personally I thanked God that I wasn't a single parent. 

There are a lot of factors that stack against you right away and the minimum needs that your child requires could be compromised if you don’t have the financial means to attend to them.  In a sense, I was lucky because I am in a financial situation to give Matthew the best chance possible. What I am trying to do with The Matthews Foundation is give every child with Leukemia the same fighting chance that Matthew has.”   

John Valenti
, Co-Founder of The Matthews Foundation


Here are a few of the stories of the people we have helped:

In April, The Matthews Foundation gave a grant to family from Maryland whose seven year old son Colin has Leukemia. The family was struggling to pay their medical bills due to the lengthy and expensive treatments needed to fight Leukemia.  They also have three other children, a mortgage and normal living expenses. The Matthews Foundation grant helped get them through a difficult time and to keep Colin’s medical treatments on track. 


In October, The Matthews Foundation gave a grant to a Maryland family who has four children, including a four year old daughter Faith who has Leukemia.  The family was in danger of losing their home as the medical and other related bills were mounting.  The Matthews Foundation grant allowed them to keep their home and to allow Faith to stay in a clean and safe environment as she continues her battle with Leukemia.


We hope these stories are a little inspiration for you to help us continue our mission.



Thank you, 

The Matthews Foundation



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